Lt Col Raymond J. Johnson Flight Academy

A premier flight encampment to educate cadets on Aerospace & Flight.

Mission Statement

Johnson Flight Academy strives to provide a safe, low cost, high quality flight experience that will help shape tomorrow's aerospace leaders.

JFA occurs each year during June in South Eastern Illinois
Balloon - Familization with Hot Air Balloon Flight
Basic Glider - Introduction to gliders
Intermediate Glider - Additional manuvers and solo flight
Advanced Glider - Advanced manuvers
Powered Aircraft - Basic powered flight
G-1000 Aircraft - Cessna 182 Garmin G-1000 Glass Cockpit

The majority of this website has been updated as of 8 April 2014. Take a few minutes and review the current forms and transportation information.

All cadets who are slotted as a primary for JFA received an email notification from Capt Bowden on 7 April 2014. Please check your email and reply as directed.